December 5, 2016


One of the unique features of FinFacets’ offerings is its Actioning Team that works with Business Owners in their pursuit of achieving the organization’s goals. It comprises CryoFin™ Xperts, MIRB™ Xperts and SpyWeb Xperts.

The Actioning Team ensures that Strategic Intelligence required by the Business Owners is made available to them in the Financial Portal.

CryoFin™ Xperts

CryoFin™ Xperts are experienced professionals who are trained on FinFacets’ CryoFin™ platform. They work with MIRB™ Xperts to meet the intelligence requirements of Business Owners.

MIRB™ Xperts

The MIRB™ Xperts, who are CA/CPA/MBA (Finance) professionals with rich industry experience, work with Business Owners during the entire tenure of engagement. The MIRB™ Xperts team comprises a dedicated Point of Contact (PoC), a Consultant and a Principal Consultant.

  • Subject Matter Expert – CA/CPA
  • Relevant Industry Experience > 15 years
  • Consults Business Owners on top-level strategies
  • Subject Matter Expert – CA/CPA
  • Relevant Industry Experience ~ 10 years
  • Understands information needs of Business Owners, converts them into reporting requirements, adds custom reports to reporting deck through CryoFin™ Xperts
  • CA/ MBA (Finance), with minimum 3 years’ experience
  • Coordinates with the Business Owners and ensures availability of Strategic Intelligence through MIRB™/CryoFin™/SpyWeb Xperts
  • Available as per client’s time zone, and is contactable at short notice over phone/email/ video conferencing facility
  • Coordinates with the CryoFin™ Xperts to ensure continuous update and maintenance of the Financial Portal.


  1. Requirement Assessment: Engagement of FinFacets team with Customer IT Team to understand the IT maturity of the organization, existing IT infrastructure and reporting requirements of Business.
  2. On-boarding of PoC: Appointment of a dedicated Point of Contact (PoC), who shall be associated with Business Owners for the entire duration of the engagement with the Client.
  3. CryoFin™ Configuration: Setting up of CRYOFIN™ engine and connection to various databases. Data-aggregation, Validation, Normalization and creation of a Unified Database.
  4. Strategic Intelligence (SI): Creation of cross-systems, “Beyond-ERP” reports, followed with Predictive Analytics and Competitor Analysis and making them available in real-time in the Financial Portal.
  5. Access Rights: Providing access to various Business Owners, based on pre-defined access-rules.
  6. Hand-holding: Training to identified Business Owners to interpret the various analytical reports for Strategic Intelligence.