Strategic Intelligence

De-Risk your Business Decisions
To Maximize Business Gains

Beyond ERP Reporting

Cross-functional Insights
For Better, Sharper and Quicker Decisions

Predictive Modeling

Measure Impact of your Decisions
in Various Business Scenarios

Competitor Analysis

Devise Strategies
with Deep Market Understanding

Real-time Updates

Access Cross-System Insights at Fingertips
Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device

What We Do

FinFacets helps Business Owners of mid-sized enterprises achieve aggressive growth by mitigating risks from their decision-making process.

FinFacets provides deep strategic intelligence to Business Owners regarding their own business, provides actionable intelligence about their competition and keeps them updated about the industry trends.

Through FinFacets, Business Owners get deep cross-functional insights on all financial aspects of their own business, use predictive models to analyse various business scenarios and competitor analytics to make the right decisions.

The cross-functional and granular insights are updated in real-time and available at the finger-tips of Business Owners. As a result, they are able to make better, sharper and smarter decisions.

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FinFacets provides Strategic Intelligence to Business Owners by way of ‘Beyond-ERP-Reporting’ that covers tactical cross-functional insights across disparate systems, with Predictive Modelling that enables them to analyse various business scenarios and measure the impact of business decisions, and Competitor Analysis that enable Business Owners devise strategies with deep understanding of the market.

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Competitor Analysis

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Strategic Intelligence


Who We ARE

Business Insights, Distilled for Action

FinFacets has over a decade of experience and expertise in providing Strategic Intelligence to Business Owners (CxOs, Directors, Group Heads, other leaders).

We equip Business Owners in 15 countries across the globe with tactical insights that enable them to confidently tread the path of exponential growth and ensure that their expensive business decisions remain profitable.