December 5, 2016


To achieve a high growth rate and gain competitive advantage, Business Owners need to make decisions that may carry risks. FinFacets works with Business Owners of such fast growing mid-sized enterprises and provides them strategic intelligence to reduce the risks associated with their decisions.

Most mid-sized enterprises may have excellent but disparate IT systems and applications that do not communicate with each other. These siloed systems may also provide comprehensive reports at a functional level. However, to make the right decisions, Business Owners need enterprise-wide, cross-functional insights. For this, they need to collate numerous reports and merge them on spreadsheets, which are historical, consume time and are prone to errors.

FinFacets has the expertise to execute the complex task of connecting to all disparate IT systems and applications that exist within an enterprise and provide strategic intelligence for decision making. It provides Business Owners deep, cross-functional insights on all financial aspects of their business along with predictive models to analyse various business scenarios; provides actionable intelligence about the competition and keeps them updated about industry trends.

These comprehensive and insightful strategic intelligence reports, updated in real-time and available at finger-tips, are provided as a standard offering to the Business Owners in a Financial Portal.

One of the unique features of FinFacets offering is its Actioning Team that works with Business Owners in their pursuit of achieving organization’s goals. It comprises a dedicated Point of Contact (PoC), a Consultant, and a Principal Consultant. The team performs the role of being an extended arm of the Business Owner’s office. Based on the requirements and inputs received from the Business Owner, the Actioning Team coordinates with the CRYOFIN™ team to develop all additional strategic and tactical intelligence reports as required and gets them populated in the Financial Portal.

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